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Small Business Innovation Partnerships Program

The Small Business Innovation Partnerships Program (SBIP Program) is a staged procurement process that connects ACT Government Directorates with innovative ACT small-medium enterprises (SMEs) to co-design solutions to deliver specific outcomes for the ACT public sector while supporting local businesses to commercialise and/or establish testimonial sites for their products.

A Message from the ACT’s Local Industry Advocate, Kate Lundy

As the ACT’s Local Industry Advocate, I am passionate about connecting our city’s innovative small-and-medium businesses with government. I believe that work that can be done by local businesses ought to stay here in the ACT.

One of the ways we are encouraging new relationships between business and government is the Small Business Innovation Partnerships (SBIP) Program, which I am delighted to support. This program is about making it easier for our world-class small-and-medium businesses to engage with the ACT Government, by opening the door to government procurement opportunities. 

Making direct connections between government and our innovative private sector encourages and stimulates economic growth and diversifies our economy. Government contracts are also an excellent reference for local companies with export and global ambitions, an aspiration I heartily encourage.

We have many successful innovative local businesses, and the SBIP Program seeks to help these businesses grow their capability close to home.  Strengthening our private sector is a priority in Canberra, and by supporting our local businesses to win government work, we are creating jobs in the Territory, and contributing to our culture of creativity and innovation.

I am committed to ensuring we’ve got the right business environment in Canberra, and the SBIP Program is an important step in making sure our businesses are given every opportunity to succeed.


SBIP for Businesses

It can be difficult for small-medium enterprises (SMEs) with innovative solutions to engage with government.

The SBIP program provides the direct opportunity for SMEs to participate in procurement focused innovation and grow their capability in the ACT.

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SBIP for ACT Government Directorates

The SBIP Program helps directorates tap into new ideas and technologies that would not be discoverable through more standard procurement channels. Having access to these solutions and new approaches aims to speed up the adoption of innovative solutions inside government.

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