STEM 4 Business Internship Program

Growing tomorrow’s STEM leaders today

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The STEM 4 Business Internship Program is an ACT Government initiative. The Program provides financial grants to ACT-based businesses to assist in the costs associated with hiring a second year or higher undergraduate student intern studying in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) field at a Canberra-based university or CIT for 12 weeks full-time (or 450 hours part-time).

Why STEM 4 Business Internships?

The ACT needs a workforce with the right digital and STEM skills to meet the new capability demands in our growing digital economy. The problem is that there is a lack of STEM skills among Australia’s current and emerging workforce.  It is this lack which is holding back Australian employers in their quest to be more innovative, productive and competitive.

The ACT Government recognises this problem and is working to attract and develop a workforce with stronger STEM skills and knowledge. The STEM 4 Business Internship Program will help to build job-ready skill capability in ACT undergraduate/CIT STEM students whilst contributing to ACT businesses longer term STEM skill requirements, enabling them to take full advantage of the digital economy.

"This is an excellent initiative by the government, which provides much-needed resources for small business and invaluable experience for the student. The application process was straightforward and the approval was prompt and efficient." — Richard Hume, COO,

"Sensory7 and FrogSense are delighted to be a part of the ACT Government’s STEM 4 Program. We employed an intern through this program and was astounded at the quality of applicants we received. The intern we selected from ANU is fantastic and is a credit to the program. We have already offered her a position in the company after her internship. We highly recommend applying for this program to find quality potential staff for your organisation.” — Suzette Bailey, Director, Sensory7 Pty Ltd

"Great program. It helped me realise my career direction and provided a pathway into the industry." — Justin Gock, Datacom Intern

Are you a business?

Round 4 applications are now closed.

Are you:

  1. A Canberra-based businesses;
  2. Currently operating in a STEM field or with a substantial need for STEM employees; and
  3. Capable of offering career mentoring and 12 weeks full-time (or 450h part-time) paid employment?

If you answered yes to all these questions, check the STEM 4 Business Internship Program – Guidelines (PDF, 129.1 KB) (DOCX, 119.35 KB) and apply for the STEM 4 Business Internship Program using the STEM 4 Business Internship Program – Application Form (DOCX, 123.01 KB)

Are you a student?

Second year or higher undergraduate students studying STEM at a Canberra based university or CIT are encouraged to apply for the internships funded through the STEM 4 Business Internship Program.

The Program will provide successful applicants with paid work in an approved local Canberra business for 12 weeks full-time (or 450 hours part-time). Students will also receive important career mentoring.

Current Vacancies

There are no current vacancies.

Need more information?

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