Health, Education and Transport priorities for renewed Ministry

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Andrew Barr Media Release

Today I announced the new Ministry that will lead the ACT in 2016, reflecting the Government’s key priorities of health, education, transport and municipal services. The ACT Government is committed to supporting jobs and growth in the Territory and my team will continue to implement our progressive vision for Canberra.

The delivery of health services always has been and always will be a priority of the Government. As our city ages, there is an increasing demand on vital health services and that is why I have appointed Meegan Fitzharris to support the Deputy Chief Minister Simon Corbell in the Health portfolio. Minister Fitzharris, as Assistant Health Minister, will focus on community health services, public health protection policy and continue the important focus on healthy living.

As our city grows the demand for better connectivity between our town centres and suburbs is increasingly important. The Government has already announced the creation of a single agency in Transport Canberra which will coordinate transport modes across the city from walking and cycling through to buses and light rail.

The Deputy Chief Minister will continue to be the Minister for Capital Metro until 30 June 2016 when Transport Canberra is established. This will enable him to finalise the procurement of the Capital Metro project. Minister Fitzharris will take responsibility for Transport and Municipal Services and will oversee the introduction of Transport Canberra.

Canberra is the knowledge capital of Australia with one in every nine Canberrans either working or studying at a local Tertiary Institution. It is important for the Government to prioritise education in our city, delivering world class quality education from preschool right through to those studying at our universities. I have appointed Shane Rattenbury as the new Minister for Education and Minister Fitzharris will be the Minister for Higher Education, Training and Research.

Minister Rattenbury will also continue his work in Corrections, Justice and will undertake the new portfolio of Consumer Affairs. His experience in Transport and Territory and Municipal Services makes him an ideal Minister for the new portfolio of Road Safety. Minister Rattenbury, Minister Fitzharris and I will be working on a range of initiatives in 2016 in this area including measures to protect vulnerable road users, support active travel and reform our CTP insurance system.

The ACT Government has an incredible track record in addressing climate change. We are the first jurisdiction to commit to 100% renewable energy by 2025. The Deputy Chief Minister will continue his outstanding efforts as Minister for the Environment and Climate Change. The Deputy Chief Minister will also continue his work as the Attorney-General, overseeing the construction of the new Courts precinct in the ACT and will be the Minister for Police and Emergency Services.

Mick Gentleman will continue his efforts as Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations. As the ACT Government’s response to the Mr Fluffy legacy moves to its next phase, Minister Gentleman will oversee the demolition and remediation of over 1000 affected Mr Fluffy homes. This responsibility also compliments his roles as Minister for Planning and Land Management. Minister Gentleman will take on the Racing and Gaming portfolio and is the new Manager of Government Business.

Minister Gentleman will also lead the work to create a single ACT conservation agency that will work toward better integration of biodiversity management. This is an item of the Parliamentary Agreement for the 8th Legislative Assembly. The arrangements for the new agency will be put in place over the next few months.

Yvette Berry has proven herself to be a leader in the Community Services portfolio and will be the senior Minister in this important area of government service delivery. Minister Berry will be responsible portfolio for the expanded portfolio of Housing, Community Services and Social Inclusion. She will continue her work in the important portfolios of Multicultural and Youth Affairs, and as Minister for Women. She also picks up the portfolio of Sports and Recreation.

Dr Chris Bourke has shown a passion for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs during his time in the Assembly and I am sure he will continue his passionate advocacy as the Minister responsible for this portfolio. Minister Bourke will also be the Minister responsible for Children and Young People, Disability, Small Business and the Arts and Veterans and Seniors.

I will continue my work in Treasury, Urban Renewal and Economic Development portfolios. Jobs, tax reform and economic diversification will be a major focus for me in 2016. Urban renewal, including the redevelopment of Northbourne Avenue and revitalising our CBD and town centres, remains a significant priority. I will also continue as the Minister for Economic Development and Minister for Tourism and Events, ensuring the ACT reaps the full benefits of international flights operating out of Canberra later this year.

I am confident that my renewed team has the passion to continue our reforms in these areas and are well equipped to lead the ACT in 2016.

Andrew Barr MLA

Chief Minister
Minister for Economic Development
Minister for Urban Renewal
Minister for Tourism and Events

Simon Corbell MLA

Deputy Chief Minister
Minister for Capital Metro (until 30 June 2016)
Minister for the Environment and Climate Change
Minister for Health
Minister for Police and Emergency Services

Mick Gentleman MLA

Minister for Planning and Land Management
Minister for Racing and Gaming
Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations
Manager of Government Business

Shane Rattenbury MLA

Minister for Corrections
Minister for Education
Minister for Justice and Consumer Affairs
Minister for Road Safety

Yvette Berry MLA

Minister for Housing, Community Services and Social Inclusion
Minister for Multicultural and Youth Affairs
Minister for Sport and Recreation
Minister for Women

Meegan Fitzharris MLA

Minister for Higher Education, Training and Research
Minister for Transport and Municipal Services
Assistant Health Minister

Chris Bourke MLA

Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs
Minister for Children and Young People
Minister for Disability
Minister for Small Business and the Arts
Minister for Veterans and Seniors

Statement ends
22 January 2016

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Andrew Barr Media Release