Lean Startup Workshop: Business Model Generation

Organiser: CBR Innovation Network

Boost your entrepreneurial skills with CBRIN's LEAN STARTUP workshop series.

Even with a validated product market fit, many companies fail to find the right business model. At this half-day highly interactive workshop focused on business models, you will learn in practice in a series of collaborative exercises how to work with tools that are used by lean start-up founders to prototype and test innovative and disruptive business models. Experienced facilitators, Petr Adamek, CEO, CBR Innovation Network and Dr Craig Davis, CEO of GRIFFIN Accelerator will guide you through the case studies or help you work on your own business model. This workshop is for people who have a business and need to innovate their business model, people who are in the start-up stage of their business development, people with ideas that can potentially be turned into high growth businesses or people who work in corporations and organisations where innovation is becoming a core strategic activity.

Discounts: If you have a potentially high-growth idea that you would like to pursue with the assistance of Griffin Accelerator or KILN Incubator, we offer to partially sponsor your ticket - please apply for up to 50% discount promo code, we will make a decission typically within 24 hours!


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Date: 10 October 2017

Venue: CBR Innovation Network

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