Bidding to win business workshop: Light Rail Business Link

Organiser: Light Rail Business Link Program, Canberra Business Chamber

During this free workshop you will gain knowledge in understanding major project scope and program delivery and find out where the opportunities are and how to capture them.

Understanding major project scope and program delivery – where are the opportunities and how do we capture them?

Writing strong tender responses:

  • Demonstrating capability to supply – what it means
  • Demonstrating capacity to supply – what this means
  • Past experience – more than a table of past projects
  • Team profile – tailoring this for maximum effect

How writing for tenders is different from standard business correspondence

Pitfalls to  avoid when writing tenders – lessons from inside the tender evaluation room

Key take outs

  • Understand how procurement processes work
  • Gain insight into what happens within the  tender evaluation room
  • Knowing what documents they need to maximize their chance of winning business
  • Know what value for money means
  • Be able to analyse complex tender documents and identify key focus areas
  • Write tenders that reflect how the evaluation panel thinks
  • Have a checklist of assessment which becomes action plan

Delivered by Corfocus

Coffee & Tea Provided

Date: 14 June 2016
Time: 7:00am t0 9:00am
Venue: Canberra Business Chamber, 216 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon.

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