XP Solutions

Launching in Canberra almost four decades ago, software company XP Solutions now has its sights set on a major expansion in Asia and North America.

Using our country’s capital as a base, last year’s ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards winner is leading the way in exporting environmental software to organisations across the world – with clients in countries including Korea, Japan, China and the UK.

With aims to expand business in Asia by 25 per cent in the next financial year, and North America by up to 15 per cent, there is clearly no stopping this Canberra company.

Sudesh Mudaliar, Vice President of Asia Pacific at XP Solutions, said winning the Information and Communication Technology Award in the 2012 ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards was a fantastic way for the company to gain recognition and ensure it stood out from the crowd in the global marketplace.

“The awards give companies credibility and recognition so that when you go in and say ‘I am winner of a Chief Minister’s Award’ it gives you a bit of standing,” Sudesh said.

“One of the other good things about the awards is making the application because it makes you think about what you are doing. The whole process of reviewing your plans and goals makes you question aspects of your business.”

XP Solutions, which also has offices in the UK and North America, creates software tools for analysing  flood risk, drainage design, water quality and road design. The software is targeted to engineering consultants, government agencies, and environmental management organisations.

Next on the Belconnen-based company’s agenda is establishing a base in South East Asia, which it hopes will further boost sales in Asia.

“No one goes into an award to come second, it was a great experience and it makes you focus on the business,” Sudesh continued.

XP Solutions have also participated in other ACT Government trade and export development activities, including the 2013 Indonesian Trade Mission. This provided them with good meeting and networking opportunities and the chance to evaluate a possible base for their expansion plans. They have also been involved with the ACT Exporters’ Network.

“The ACT Exporters Network is another important way to meet other businesses in Canberra. It gives you good leverage and we have the edge of hunting in a pack.”

Both the Trade Mission and ACT Exporters’ Network are part of the ACT Government’s Global Connect program, an initiative of Growth, Diversification and Jobs: A Business Development Strategy for the ACT.

The 2013 ACT Chief Minister's Export Awards are an initiative of the ACT Government, managed and delivered by the Canberra Business Council.

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