University of Canberra - Agreement of Strategic Intent

From Confident & Business Ready: Building on our Strengths 

In March 2015 the ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, and University of Canberra (UC) Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen Parker, signed an Agreement of Strategic Intent that underpins the UC’s strategies to grow, develop and thrive. The agreement recognises that the university sector is a major part of the ACT economy and that it makes sense for the ACT Government to play to these strengths as we build amore diverse economy.

The agreement details how the Government will work with the UC to help it diversify operations, develop its campus and attract like minded organisations to share its largely undeveloped 120 hectare site. In turn, this will help the UC become even more attractive to students and academics.

The agreement is about creating jobs and economic diversification: jobs building campus developments, jobs working for new campus-based organisations and jobs in research and teaching. It is about creating a smart workforce with the skills our economy needs.

Announcing the agreement, Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, said: “I am committed to boosting economic growth and facilitating major projects and job opportunities. By removing some unnecessary constraints on the University and amending the University of Canberra Act to clarify, modernise and adjust functions and governance, we will pave the way for the UC to achieve the vision set out in its Masterplan.”

The UC’s development plan consists of campus-based innovation precincts that include designated areas for health and sport. The Health and Sport Innovation Precincts will run along the northern and eastern edge of the campus and form part of a campus-wide ‘Innovation District’ that encourages collaboration and ‘knowledge spill over’, as well as the exchange of ideas among occupants.