Inland Trading

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Winning an ACT Chief Minister’s Export Award can give your business a serious competitive edge according to Marita Corra, Director of local wine exporting business Inland Trading.

As winner of the Agribusiness Award in 2010, Ms Corra said the Award had given her business an edge when applying for a variety of tenders.

“Being a winner of the export awards has strengthened our international reputation by lending more credibility to the services we provide to clients,” Ms Corra said.

“We’ve noticed a difference in the way we are considered when it comes to applying for tenders with airlines, cruise ships and hotels. It is a definite advantage in the marketplace.”

She said even the application process proved useful, helping to create a vision for the future.

“Applying for the export awards is a thorough process, it makes really you think about your business. Running a business can mean you get very little time to sit back and have a look at what you’ve achieved and think about what you might want to do next.

“It’s always good to know where you want to go and I would recommend any business exporting in the ACT give the Awards a chance. You might be surprised by how it helps your business.”

The ACT Chief Minister's Export Awards are an initiative of the ACT Government, managed and delivered by the Canberra Business Council.

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