Prepared by the Australian Department of Industry

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iCognition is a leading Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist with over 10 years of success offering IMG solutions and services and its own locally developed software technology.

Offering a strong R&D capability and global reach, iCognition has assisted over 100 government and private sector enterprises implement IMG strategies and solutions.


  • Services: IMG and strategy consulting, cloud solutions, systems integration, product development, implementation, managed services, training and support.
  • Products: iCognition’s Diem Solutions suite develops applications to enhance the functionality and capability of HP’s TRIM. The suite of Diem products includes:
    • Diem Portal 4: The next generation collaborative web portal for HP TRIM / HP Records Manager.
    • Diem Mobile: Access HP TRIM documents anywhere, anytime, any device, securely.
    • Diem Broker: Middleware solution to connect HP TRIM to business applications

Case study: Master Alliance Agreement

iCognition has entered into a Master Alliance Agreement (MAA) with Ricoh, one of the largest suppliers and service providers in the global office technology industry.

The MAA covers joint activities in marketing and selling of both parties’ products, technology transfer, cooperative development of products and solutions, training and Ricoh’s incorporation of iCognition’s products in various office automation processes and initiatives.

The current focus of the MAA is to develop interface technology that will allow Ricoh Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) to communicate to TRIM through iCognition’s ‘broker’. iCognition will be further developing its broker to act as a piece of middleware between the Ricoh GSNX SCANNING server and the TRIM scanning server.

The MAA presents a significant commercial opportunity for iCognition - further enhancing the functionality and capability of TRIM by integrating it with Ricoh’s office technology and platforms opens up a major new market though Ricoh’s Australian and global presence.

Under the MAA Ricoh will undertake local development with a ‘plug-in’ to be developed for the GSNX scanning server to allow it to communicate to the iCognition Broker.

Importantly, all iCognition developed Intellectual Property associated with the broker/middleware aspects of the project will remain the property of iCognition.


  • As part of the MAA a range of joint activities will be undertaken that will benefit both parties. Ricoh and iCognition will focus efforts to build a significant and profitable relationship and will cooperate to identify and close business opportunities, including preparation and submission of joint Request for Proposals. A range of joint marketing and sales activities may involve joint advertising and marketing collateral and joint marketing and sales plans.
  • The development of the new TRIM application product allows iCognition to significantly extend its market reach and offers solutions to Ricoh customers in both the government and commercial sectors. This will generate significant new revenue streams for iCognition and creates worldwide opportunities for iCognition.

Lessons learned

  • Take time to negotiate clearly understood IP arrangements.
  • Significant benefits can accrue from partnering with a global technology player. The MAA and the TRIM application development project will deliver market access to iCognition which would otherwise be unattainable.
  • Demonstrate initial success before moving to the next stage of the relationship. Although the MAA is an over-arching document, it is important as a first step for iCognition to deliver a successful outcome with the TRIM application. This success can be leveraged to undertake further projects with Ricoh.