ACT Local Industry Advocate

The ACT Government has appointed Ms Kate Lundy as the Local Industry Advocate (LIA) to ensure local businesses receive fair and reasonable opportunity to participate in government procurement.

The LIA’s role is to:

  • Collaborate with local industry to identify improvements to government procurement processes.
  • Broker links between local businesses and larger entities to optimise the benefits to local industry and the Government.
  • Work exclusively in the interests of the ACT business community to ensure work that can and should be done by local businesses stays in the ACT, building capability and economic activity in our city.
  • Consult with local industry and other stakeholders to prepare for a Local Industry Participation Policy.
  • Support the ACT Government’s Small Business Innovation Partnerships Program.

About the ACT Local Industry Advocate

Ms Kate Lundy is the ACT’s first Local Industry Advocate. Since taking on the role in January 2016, Kate has worked to make sure ACT Government procurement processes don’t inadvertently disadvantage ACT businesses. Kate recognises this is not just a matter of fairness, but is also important to the ACT economy.

“I believe that work that can be done by local businesses ought to stay here in the ACT. Strengthening our private sector is a priority in Canberra, and by supporting our local businesses to win government work, we are creating jobs in the Territory, and contributing to our culture of creativity and innovation,” says Kate.

Kate’s experience as a Federal Parliamentarian for almost 20 years, combined with broad private sector experience working closely with and within a range of industries, makes her ideal for this role.

Kate looks forward to working with local industry to ensure all ACT businesses have a level playing field when they compete for government work.

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