Space capabilities

Canberra: the National Home for the Australian Space Agency

Australia’s participation in the global space industry will be greatly enhanced by the newly created Australian Space Agency (the Agency).

A key priority for the Agency is to set national policy and strategy for the civil space sector. Canberra is the logical home for the Agency, given that all of the key national agencies are based in Canberra. There is also an established ecosystem of research facilities, space businesses, defence organisations and international stakeholders that will be critical to the Agency's operations.

Locating the Agency in Canberra will provide the national leadership to ensure that the agency meets the goals that have been set for it.


Why is Canberra the home for the Australian Space Agency?

Key partners for the Australian Space Agency are located in Canberra

Space capabilities

Canberra leads Australia in key capabilities needed to drive Australia's space agenda including:


Canberra has an established space ecosystem of national and international companies that are leading the way in Australia's space capability. Almost one in four Australian space sector jobs are already in Canberra.

The Canberra Region Space Industry Capability Directory showcases Canberra Region based space companies such as Q-Labs, Liquid Instruments, Locata, Shoal Group, EOS Space Systems, Geoplex, Geospatial Intelligence, Clearbox, Nova, Equatorial Launch Australia, ViaSat, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Airbus Defence and Space.

Leaders in education, research and strategic thinking

The research and innovation needed to underpin Australia's growing space industry is being actively provided by Canberra's educational and research institutions.

The ANU and UNSW Canberra are Australia's most active higher education institutions in space-related disciplines. CSIRO, Geoscience Australia and the Space Environment Research Centre all undertake significant, globally linked space related activities in Canberra.

Access to a large, highly technical and scientific workforce

ACT Government’s commitment to supporting the growth of the space industry

With our businesses, infrastructure, innovation and research strengths, Canberra is well placed to grow and sustain a thriving space sector.

The ACT Government is committed to working with the national space sector to help build a significant and globally competitive industry including:


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