Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd

Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd

KBR's Government Solutions in APAC successfully delivers large and complex projects and training solutions to defence and government clients throughout the Australia-Pacific region. We provide a full range of services to support every requirement, including program management and integration, project management, engineering, logistics, asset and fleet management, technology solutions, training development and delivery of eLearning and training capabilities. We focus on building and maintaining enduring customer relationships across the lifecycle of a program or project: from early engagement activities such as planning, consultation and design; through engineering, construction, procurement and acquisition; and beyond to asset management and long-term sustainability.

Expertise and capability

Cyber security capabilities

KBR is a diverse professional and technical services leader offering world-class managed solutions to federal, commercial and international clients. The core capabilities include engineering and space operations, physical and cyber security, engineering and development services, logistics, facility and equipment planning, and testing and calibration.

Space sector capabilities

KBR is experienced in handling space hardware and in using advanced testing techniques, simulations and other tools to fully test the hardware and software prior to it being deployed into space. Our solutions for cost-effective space and mission operations success include all mission phases -- from formulation, development and operations during the mission life through decommissioning. Our services encompass flight operations, mission data collection and distribution, flight dynamics support, mission systems integration support and NASA communication support. We are focused on developing, deploying and operating satellite mission operations and management control facilities services in support of multi-mission commercial and international opportunities.