Thursday, 4 June 2015

ACT Government continues reducing red tape for local businesses

The ACT Government is continuing to cut red tape for business with new legislation introduced today removing 70,000 extra administrative transactions each year through reporting changes for workers compensation.

This complements the ACT Government’s other reforms to reduce regulatory burdens, including the establishment of Access Canberra, a one-stop shop for approvals and other ACT Government services.

The latest red tape reduction bill includes further reforms to:
  • reduce reporting for employers in the Territory by changing wage declarations for workers compensation insurance purposes from six months to 12 months;
  • modernise requirements for public notices in the ACT legislation to enable notification of public notices on an ACT Government website;
  • extend permits under the Public Unleased Land Act 2013 to three years; and
  • support the establishment of Access Canberra by enabling the head of Access Canberra to exercise and delegate functions under Acts for areas of operational responsibility.

With the workers compensation changes, this Bill will remove 70,000 extra administrative transactions per annum.  The Government is also continuing its efforts to reduce administrative costs by extending permit periods for public unleased land use.

The licensing of hawkers will be brought under the Public Unleased Land Act, providing consistency in the regulatory approach to public land use. The Bill will also allow for public notices to be provided online, where appropriate, as well as in print newspapers. This will give government agencies the opportunity to target audiences more effectively and make information easier for business and the community to find.

The ACT Government is committed to an ongoing program of reforms and will continue to engage with stakeholders on opportunities to reduce regulatory burden in the Territory.


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