Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Government delivers on strategy to assist local business

The ACT Government has continued to deliver on our goal to assist and promote the ACT’s private sector, with the successful implementation of all 26 initiatives the government committed to in the 2012 Business Development Strategy.

The strategy outlined a vision for a growing Canberra economy, building on a commitment to private sector growth and jobs. To achieve this, the government sought to foster the right business environment, support business investment and accelerate business innovation.

Some of the key achievements of the strategy, as outlined in the Business Development Strategy Implementation Report the Chief Minister tabled in the Assembly today include;
  • the establishment of the CBR Innovation Network;
  • the establishment of Invest Canberra;
  • the successful launch of the CBR brand;
  • the continuing commitment to regulatory reform and red tape reduction;
  • continuing taxation reform, including significantly reducing the number of companies that have payroll tax obligations;
  • the government’s commitment to the development of the visitor economy; and
  • the government’s commitment to the continued development of the higher education and research sector as a key to the further diversification of the ACT’s economy.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr said" The ACT’s economy continues to perform extremely well, despite the job cuts inflicted on the ACT’s economy by the Federal Government. This is a clear indication that our economic development approach is paying dividends for the economy".

"But while we have achieved all the goals that we set our self in 2012, we realise that more needs to be done. In the next couple of months, I will be releasing an update to the Business Development Strategy that will set new actions and goals."

"The government will continue to help build an attractive business environment here in the ACT- bringing interstate and international investment to the capital. Promoting our exporting companies in overseas markets and driving the development of innovative companies and new entrepreneurs will be crucial to create a sustainable economy in the territory for our future generations."

View the Business Development Strategy Implementation Report.


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