Wednesday, 18 March 2015

ACT Screen Industry Trade Delegation head to Hong Kong Film Market

The ACT Government, through the TradeConnectprogram, is supporting five production companies to be part of an ACT Screen Industry Trade Delegation to Hong Kong International Film & TV Market from 23–26 March 2015. ScreenACT CEO, Monica Penders, will lead the delegation to Hong Kong.

“There has been a growing engagement between Asia and the Australian screen industry in recent times, which provides terrific potential for ACT producers to work in partnership with the Asian film and television market. Members of the delegation will have an excellent opportunity to pave the way for sales, promote their projects and businesses, while also raising the ACT’s profile as a viable national and international production location,” Ms Penders said.

The ACT Screen Industry Trade Delegation members are:
  • ScreenACT – Monica Penders 
  • SilverSun Pictures – Andrew Marriott & Rohan Taylor 
  • JIA Films – Cindy Li & Robert Macklin 
  • Kreiworks – Lina Silva 
  • Peace Mountain Productions – Ian Hart & Jun Xiao 
  • Fillearth – Abhijit Deonath
The delegation supports producers and screen businesses that have substantial plans to build their  project slate in Asia. This may include seeking potential co-­‐productions and co-­‐financing partners from the Asian region, attaching distributors and sales agents, and building relationships with other screen companies. Many of the projects have a strong Asian focus, and the Hong Kong Film Market will present a fantastic opportunity to develop future collaborations.

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