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Thursday, 24 October 2013

How healthy is your workplace?

How healthy is your workplace? Is your business fostering healthy workplace policies and a supportive environment for your employees?

Australia, like many other developed nations, is currently seeing an increase in the burden of chronic disease. A 2010 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare study External Link - opens in new window found that 96% of working-age Australians had at least one chronic disease risk factor and 72% had multiple risk factors. Many of these risk factors are preventable and small changes to our lifestyle can make a big difference.

The ACT is no exception to this! A 2011 ACT Health study External Link - opens in new window reveals that there is plenty of work that Canberra workers can do to become healthier:
  • 20% of ACT workers reported as being smokers
  • 46% of ACT workers have inadequate fruit and vegetable intake
  • 23% of ACT workers consume harmful levels of alcohol
  • 65% of ACT workers do not undertake in sufficient levels of physical activity
  • 56% of ACT workers are overweight

Do you or your employees fit into any of these categories? 

Why not introduce a Health and Wellbeing program in your business. Programs can range from simple activities that only involve a small investment to a comprehensive program with a more substantial investment for large numbers of employees. 

Examples of what other local businesses have done include Belconnen Physiotherapy Clinic who arrange for fresh boxes of fruit to be available for staff free of charge in the kitchen area; Manteena Pty Ltd allow their staff to have 3 half hour physical activity sessions per week during their paid work time; and ActewAGL provide yearly health and fitness assessments for their staff.

Read more about theirs and other local businesses healthier workplace stories External Link - opens in new window

Benefits for your business could include increased staff morale which leads to better productivity, reduced sick leave/absenteeism, reduced long-term health problems, increased ability to attract and retain new staff and reduced risk of accidents and health-related litigation. 

You can get help with developing and implementing programs, policies and practices into you business through the ACT Government’s Healthier Work service. The service offers a range of free resources and supports including:
  • free phone, email and onsite support
  • a step-by-step guide to promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • resources to support the implementation of healthy lifestyle programs and policies
  • free tools, including an online employee health survey and an organisational audit tool
  • links to workplace health and wellbeing providers
  • training and support mechanisms for workplaces

To find out more about the service, including accessing a range of resources, tools and templates to assist you in successfully developing and implementing a workplace health and wellbeing program visit the Healthier Work website External Link - opens in new window.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Think you know your employees rights? Make sure it’s not just a common workplace myth!

You don't need to pay employees for time spent opening or closing your store or attending training outside of normal work hours.

You can send your employees home without pay if there isn't enough work on.

Employees must work for you for 12 months before they can take leave.

What do all three of these scenarios have in common? They’re all common workplace myths!

The reality is you must pay your employees for all the time they are required to work, you must pay employees their normal working hours, even if there isn't any work, and all leave starts to accrue as soon as employees commence work!

In terms of rights and obligations, there’s a lot you need to know about when employing staff. As an employer though, it’s your responsibility to make sure you are aware of these - a breach in your employee's rights can mean potential penalties for your business!

To help you out External Link - opens in new window in partnership with the Fair Work Obudsman External Link - opens in new window have put together some common workplace myths and busted them for you.

View the list of common workplace myths External Link - opens in new window.

You can also sign up for the Fair Work Obudsman’s eNewsletter External Link - opens in new window to receive regular updates on workplace laws.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Are skills shortages affecting your Business?

SkillSelect is an online system which provides Australian employers with access to a pool of skilled workers who have expressed their interest in working in Australia, either on a temporary or permanent work visa.

This new system is part of a suite of major reform changes introduced by Department of Immigration and Citizenship on 1 July 2012, in an effort to ensure that skilled migration is responsive to changes in the Australia’s labour market.

Employers can easily search for suitable candidates across a number of key selection criteria such as experience, qualifications, language skills and/or willingness to work and live outside major metropolitan centres like Canberra. In their EOI, skilled workers can indicate an interest in employer sponsorship and the states and territories within Australia where they would be willing to live and work.

Once a business (employer) identifies a suitable potential skilled worker, they are able to send a message in SkillSelect to the skilled worker notifying them of their interest in discussing employment and sponsorship opportunities with them. When sponsorship arrangements have been established, the skilled worker’s EOI details are seamlessly transferred from SkillSelect to final assessment and processing systems.

If SkillSelect is an avenue you would like to consider to recruit the right skilled staff, you will need an AUSkey to login. If you don't have an AUSkey you can register for one on the AUSkey website External Link - opens in new window.

In the first instance though why not peruse the SkillSelect free online service External Link - opens in new window.