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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Protect your premises

Whilst your business may be getting ready to shutdown over the Christmas and New Year period, the burglary business isn't!

Help protect your business premises by following some simple tips from the Australia Federal Police (AFP):
  • Maintain the landscaping around your premises, including trimming trees and scrubs away from doors and windows. This limits concealment and increases natural surveillance of your property.
  • Most burglaries occur at the side or rear of the building, so make sure these doors, windows and frames are secure and of solid construction.
  • Reinforce glass windows and doors. You can do this by installing a shatter resistant film on existing glass, replacing existing glass with laminated glass or installing quality metal security grilles or shutters.
  • Install external night lighting which will enable police, security guards or passing people to monitor activities around the premises. The lighting should be directed towards the building. A limited amount of internal lighting should also be left on at night. 
  • Restrict unauthorised access and tampering with the power supply by housing the switch board within a metal cabinet secured by a durable lock.
  • Record descriptions, models and serial numbers of your business’ property and keep this record in a safe place on and off site.  Serial numbers are essential in identifying property.
  • Think about marking your property, such as engraving your ABN number onto items. Property which can’t be marked should be photographed.

You should also register your details on the ACT Keyholder Register. The ACT Keyholder register is a list of the names and after hours contact details of business owners or others who have access to your business premises.

This information is stored on the AFP’s confidential computer system and is not given out to anyone other than an authorised AFP staff member. The register is only accessed in the event police need the owner, or another nominated person to attend the premises, such as if there has been damage from fire, burglary or other incidents that may happen after business hours.

You can update the register by using the AFP’s ACT Keyholder Register online or PDF form External Link - opens in new window.

Find more burglary prevention tips in the AFP’s Preventing Burglary factsheet (PDF 122kb) External Link - opens in new window.

To find out more crime prevention tips from the AFP, including information on fraud, bag checking and searching, and workplace security on the AFP’s Bizsafe program website External Link - opens in new window.

Monday, 27 May 2013

A new way of supporting start-up companies

Entry 29 - Canberra’s new co-working space – was officially opened for business by Minister Barr MLA, ACT Minister for Economic Development on 22 May 2013.

Located in Childers St near the ANU, and named after Walter Burley Griffin’s design entry for Canberra, Entry 29 is aimed at accelerating the technology development process, whereby start up operators can mingle and collaborate with like minded individuals.

It also offers meeting facilities, access to mentors and other service providers, including business advisors and financiers. Entry 29 will generate income through membership fees, ranging from $22 for a day pass to $220 for unlimited monthly use.

Entry 29 has been driven by Canberra’s business community in direct response to a growing need for affordable Wi-Fi enabled accommodation for entrepreneurs and start-ups and it adds significantly to Canberra’s burgeoning innovation ecosystem. 

In speaking with the Canberra Times, Anna Pino, Entry 29 Board member and Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre chief executive said:

''I think what really drove me to do this is that over the last six months, we've realised there is this incredible entrepreneurial spirit in Canberra, but it's all underground,''.

''There are some incredibly talented people in Canberra, and we want somewhere where all [these] people can [be] seen.'' Read the full article, Entrepreneurial incubator heats up External Link - opens in new window.  

In launching the facility, Minister Barr commended Ms Pino as well as fellow Board members, Nick McNaughton and Rory Ford, for having the enthusiasm to get the project off the ground. He also thanked the support of Mick Cardew-Hall from the ANU as well as the many volunteers from that start-up community that helped get Entry 29 ready for business. 

Co-working spaces have become a global trend, with Mr Barr stating that there are more than 60 spaces operating in Australia. Worldwide, an additional three spaces opened every day during the past 12 months.

The ACT Government provided seed funding to help with Entry 29’s establishment.

To find out more visit the Entry 29 website External Link - opens in new window.

Entry 29, Canberra's newest co-working space
Entry 29, Canberra's newest co-working space

Minister Barr MLA, ACT Minister for Economic Development officially opens Entry 29
Minister Barr MLA, ACT Minister for Economic Development officially opens Entry 29